Nice to meet you! 

I’m Sarah! I’m a Denver-based Product Designer with a background in psychology who cares deeply about improving everyday experiences for real people through thoughtful strategy & design.

A few principles I lead by:

🧩 Think big... and detailed

I have designed product experiences to scale and enjoy thinking strategically and end-to-end. Within each big project that I’ve worked on, I’ve carefully considered each detail from layout, hierarchy, visual style and more to create a clear, consistent and enjoyable user experience.

🪴 Cultivate curiosity

I thrive in complexity and have had the opportunity to work on challenging problems. Cultivating curiosity has allowed me to make more informed decisions, propose stronger design solutions and lift up other designer’s ideas.

⚡️ Challenge assumptions

The first solutions might not be the end solution, avoid narrowing in on any one idea or opinion at first - I believe in checking assumptions early and often. Rigorous iteration and testing can help bring data and confidence to the work.

When I’m not designing…

💻 Exploring and trying out new digital tools. Even with front-end development knowledge, I've been especially excited to see all the new no/low-code tools emerging!

☕️ Reading someplace sunny while drinking a coffee

👟 Listening to music as I find new places to run to from city parks to bike paths and trails

🌮 Enjoying tacos (any recommendations appreciated!)

🌱 Growing small gardens filled with cacti and succulents in my apartment